INCIA Eyelash & Eyebrow serum

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INCIA Eyelash & Eyebrow serum

INCIA Eyelash & Eyebrow serum

Regular price Dhs. 80.00 AED
Sale price Dhs. 80.00 AED Regular price
Product description

Eyebrow and Eyelash Strengthening Serum


This serum nourishes eyelashes, helping them to grow and look fuller

Natural plant-derived oils, extracted with cold press technology, nourish the roots of eyebrows and eyelashes thanks to their rich content of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Strong roots encourage eyelashes to grow and become fuller.

It moisturizes eyebrows and eyelashes, leaving them looking vivid and lush

Castor oil, with a high capacity for retaining moisture, helps eyebrows and eyelashes become soft and look lusher. The vitamin B and omega fatty acids in sesame oil enrich and invigorate. Thin brows and lashes are given a boost.

It stops brows and lashes from falling out

Almond, apricot kernel, and sesame oils, all rich with the antioxidant properties of vitamin E, help prevent hair loss by protecting brows and lashes against environmental conditions.

It softens eyebrows, making them more easily shaped

The serum is quickly absorbed as it contains argan oil, which also serves to moisturize and allows for easier shaping. The natural health of the hair is preserved with the vitamin E in the formula, obtained only from oils derived from plants. The serum allows the eyebrows to be shaped easily and without breakage.

Oil and plant-based ingredients:
Argan oil,
sweet almond oil,
sesame oil,
apricot kernel oil,
vitamin E,
castor oil. 
Synthetic preservative-free! Synthetic dye-free! Perfume-free!  INCIA does not pollute groundwater or harm the environment. Our products do not contain synthetic oils, silicone, synthetic, emulgators, parabens, or synthetic preservatives or dyes. 

100% compatible with the flora of your skin. 

100% biodegradable food-grade packaging.



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